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Black swan


Black swan


This is a collaboration product between Sun Productionsun and Myungjoon lee from Korea.

Until now, we couldn't control smoke.

But Black Swan has made it possible for smoke to take on the shape of objects, and now we can grasp it and make it real.

Furthermore, we can freely control and float smoke in the air, almost like a soul.

Black Swan's smoke device can be used separately, just like other smoke device products.

If you don't have a smoke product, this could be a great opportunity.

Smoke device ×1​

Remote  ×1​

Black swan Wand ×1​

White wand ×1​

Black wand ×1​

USB cable for charging×1

Replacement coils×2

Replacement coils ×2

Explanatory video QR code (5 sequences by Myungjoon)

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