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EMEKA manipulation card by EDEN ($22.00)


This is the manipulation card of EDEN.

He got the 2nd PRIZE of manipulation category in FISM 2022.

There are three types, Alpha [α], Beta [β] and Gamma [γ], optimized for different techniques.


Alpha [α] 1deck = 85枚

・Most ideally balanced that makes all techniques possible

・With its smooth surface without any used of powder, it does not break even when fast fanning

・Elasticity perfect for production, but wraps softly in palm position

・Durability not at its best, but still most durable than existing manipulation cards

・Made with highly reflective glossy material, the visibility of the card is excellent


Beta [β] 1deck = 100枚

・Double coated to produce excellent vertical elasticity and friction made ideal for roll down

・Thinnest and lightest in weight, very suitable for fan production when used with wax or powder

・Made with tough textured paper, so the durability is excellent

・Most suitable for skills with type of count


Gamma [γ] 1deck = 54枚

・Made with plastic, it is 100% water proof. Can be washed before using

・Shape with sharp sides and very high elasticity, it is most suitable for performing shot type skills to fly cards

・In a routine that uses very few number of cards, very fast appear and vanish is possible

・With 100% restoration, it comes back in shape even after leaving it bent or rolled up for a long time. Combination including candle and wand is possible


All colors are white on both sides

EMEKA manipulation cards ×1​

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