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Manipulation Balls YUKI edition($30.00)


This is a collaboration product of JL magic and Apollo works.

Yuki Iwane started learning stage magic in 2012.

Since then, he has tried various manipulation balls.

Finally, he chose JL magic's manipulation balls, and uses them even now.

The grip of the ball, the thickness of the shell, and the size of the ball are optimized, and it is also used in Yuki Iwane's FISM act.


※The size is 45mm (1.7inch).

※The shell is normal thickness. It's not a thin shell.

※Compatible with JL Mirage Billiard Balls, JL manipulation balls, and JL Lukas Balls.

※The balls are the same as JL brand balls, but the texture may slightly differ depending on the time of production.

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