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The SEEKER 2($88.00)


This is the second lecture DVD of Yuki Iwane.

He got the 3rd PRIZE of manipulation category in FISM 2018.
In this DVD, he will explain many manipulation tools such as cards, balls, wands and thimbles.

In addition, fan manipulator Kai Kojima will participate as a guest artist.
He is a student of Yuki Iwane, and has won awards at many competitions for his creative performances.






・ball rolling・2ball rolling・ball vanish・ball vanish2・ball vanish3
・ball vanish4・one shell・two shells・eternal fan production
・twirling production・folding the silk・thimble vanish・thimble vanish2
・wand flourish・wand flourish2・wand flourish3

・ball rolling sequence・one ball color change・4balls sequence・eternal
・one card color change sequence・one card color change sequence2
・4thimbles sequence・4thimbles sequence2・4thimbles vanish
・4thimbles vanish2・wand and thimble sequence・wand,thimble,silk



・fan to leaves・fan to leaves2・fan to leaves3・fan color change ・fan color change2・fan color change3・2fans sequence・3fans sequence・3fans sequence2・4fans production



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