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Do you use confetti during your performances?

Introducing the innovative device made by Yuki Iwane in 2017.

Stardust is the tool which can make confetti appear without stress. You can use this at your favorite timing of performance, and it isn't necessary stealing.

Your effects will be able to bring a impact by Stardust.

As you saw on the Trailer, Stardust combines with various tools,
you can use this in various ways.

If you push of a button, confetti shoots out of your sleeve.
It is very safe because it does not use flash cotton.
Even though you move your arm, the setting confetti will not drop.



We repeated improvements on this tool for 2years, and now it is to be easier to setting and maintainance.


The product version was used by Yuki Iwane many times on stage, and was also used on stage at FISM2018.
And then it was released from Apollo works.

Please try it!


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